University of Debrecen, IT faculty

The IT faculty’s building was built in 2012 as a recent improvement in the University of Debrecen. Originally the plan was about two functionally separate, architecturally aggregated buildings (Faculty of IT and Faculty of Public Health), but the latter has been failed. This scheme caused difficulties during the planning, as the installation conception was two blocked, characterically closed units „cubes” placement.

  • architects: Kovács Péter, Lengyel Tamás - Archiko Kft., Lengyel Építész Műterem Kft.
  • year of design/construction: 2007/2010-2011
  • photography: © Tamás BUJNOVSZKY

The builing is finally formed by mass presence, excisins, openness and the intent of light. The conception is served by the emphatic splitting of positive and negative masses, the visibility- and transparency, the white and light surfaces light effects and the excisins of functional stripes and intermediate areas. The central organizing part of the building is the hall-athrium, which cut across the mass of the building, links the functional groups and marks the entrances on the sides. The core of the structure is the hall situated on the walking corridor. The professorship from the east, the classrooms from the west connect to the hall, both are linked with virtual or functional bridge and grider elements at the end.

According to the logic of excisins the auditoriums are located in intermediate section. The area of the large auditorium slips under the ground hence the inner courtyard is more airy while on the west side the autirories situated above the other strain into the space. The spatial offset of the smaller auditoriums not only a play with the shapes, but the light comes from the top and also from the inner courtyard. The orientation and the analysis of diming and shielding make possible that the darkness claiming functions and the openness caused by the light do not exclude each other. The building follows the closed units of the campus herewith integrates properly into its environment.

translation: Szabolcs SZILÁGYI

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  • client: University of Debrecen
  • scale: 4460 m2