Weninger Winery - Balf

The winery is located in the small, tranquil village of Balf, at the southern end of Lake Neusiedl, part of the UNESCO World Heritage region. In early 2004, a small competition was held with top-notch architects. The winning design came from the Vienna-based architecture firm propeller Z.

The plan of the austrian architects follows the fashion of its Burgenland predesessors (as opposed to the ones built in Hungary) is mostly an industrial building, with a cool, functionalist aesthetic. Its formal relationship with the landscape is rather a counterpoint - though true, that the building itself is almost invisible from the street. The original goal of the owner in about 2000 was to build his winery with a view to the lake - but the permission was only given to the building here, behind the Main street of Balf.

The design also features a compellingly simple organization of space. The base of the facility consists of two large rooms – a cool cellar, which has been recessed into the slope in order to tap the geothermal energy, and a high-ceilinged, airy production hall. The architecture unobtrusively serves the demands of the work processes and the art of winemaking. A slightly sloping ramp allows the vintner to utilize gravity for filling the tanks beneath the protective awning.

Protruding from the front side of the hall is a cube which houses the office and tasting room. From here, through the glazed back wall one can look out onto the production hall and catch a glimpse of the wine’s journey to the cellar. The new wine cellar has been in operation since the 2006 harvest.

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