Swimming Pool, Spa and Hotel - Kecskemét

In 2011, a new swimming pool and spa opened its gates in the city of Kecskemét. The obsolete state of the former swimming hall, designed by István Janáky, Sr., made it inevitable to build a new spa complex. The investment is positioned on the bank of Széktó, replacing the unbuilt area of the camping site.

The total floor area of the sports center is 13.000 m2, and 2.900 m2 is covered by water surfaces in total. Various pools and leisure facilities can be found in the building, including a swimming pool with a grandstand for 700 viewers, a warm-up pool and a training pool in one wing, while in the other one, you can find the spa area with outdoor pools, thermal pools, and water slides with the associated public spaces. In the second phase of the investment a new hotel would be added to the already opened swimming pool.

In spite of the complex function, a clearly arranged building has emerged here. Under the subtly curved waves of the external form lays the strictly organized lanes of the competition pool, the spa area and in between the two a narrow strip of service spaces. The roof of the 40 m and 30 m spanned hall spaces is carried by laminated wood V-trussing, which became an emblematic element of the building due to the widely opened glass facades. The external mass and the internal spaces are in constant dialogue with each other. The minor interferences of the metal cladding enables the light to enter the building from the sides, while the same movements of the roof reminds the external observer to the sensation of water. The longitudinal facades are transparent, permitting the visual context of the outside and inside spaces. While the secondary borders of the building are entirely closed by the flowing waves of the metal cladding. All the main functions are organized on the same level, which makes the inside a wholly see-through area indeed. Indoor, the ribbed cover of the curved roof unifies the diversified functions, and along with the wood trussing, their warm colors form a nice contrast to the blue of the water.

We can encounter a building here that leaves the ordinary behind, but still not applying merely attractive elements. The rational arrangement of the inside is loosened by the light waves, creating an exiting, yet unified external contour.

translation: Tünde BOGNÁR

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