Winery of the Pannonhalma Abbey

The Abbey Winery, which fits in the landscape and uses well the topography, designed by Czita Építésziroda Kft. in 2004 is located at the South-Eastern part of Szent Márton mountain in Pannonhalma.

The building is made of three, well separeted parts: technologically and proper to the terrain’s capability, two main blocks: Press house and Cellar (altitude difference: 30 m), and between these parts making the vertical connection between these parts: the Well.

The Press house (where grape processing is made) on the surface is extraordinary, archetypical, one-storeyed and located under the Millenary Chapel. The easily approachable, (designed by gravity technologies) building is continued through 3 levels downwards. This technology is functioning by moving the machines (vertically and horizontally) with a crane located on the highest level of the building. On different levels different technological processes are going.

The Well is functioning as a between flying and “puffer” space located in the middle of the mountain is the vertical connection between the Press House and the Cellar. Besides the transporting function the Well has a technological role as well. Stum is getting from the Press House to the Winery Place (where visitors can taste wine) by a stainless steel pipe system. This level is where the less intervention was required.

translation: Ágnes VERASZTÓ

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