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On the site of a former trade union hotel dating from the late 1940s, MCXVI architects has built 150 luxury apartments. In 2006 the client held an invited competition among five firms, which was won by the lucid concept proposed by then still young firm of Attila Borsay, László Herczeg and Gábor Szokolyai.

  • leading architect: Attila BORSAY - MCXVI Építészműterem
    collaborating architects: Orsolya ALMER, Melinda BORSOS, Imre BŐDI, Linda ERDÉLYI, Lívia KLIMAJ, Ádám SCHILLER
  • interior design: Gábor SZOKOLYAI, Veronika FÜLÖP, Edina TÁRCZA
  • year of design/construction: 2005/2007
  • photography: © Tamás BUJNOVSZKY

The site plan and the details bring a stong order in the surrounding’s cacophonic world. An apartment building of five storey separates the site from the railway line. Behind it stand 17 identical red blocks. Each of the obliquely placed blocks contain five apartments: two per floor and a penthouse. As a result of the turning of the apartment buildings each living room has undisturbed view towards the lake. Thanks to the compactness of the cubes the built-in ration is smaller than the one in the regulations.

Thanks to the client's complete confidence in the architects and the speed of the whole process (the complex was opened in 2007), there was no time for hesitation and decisions had to be taken quickly. According to Szokolyai, this only benefitted the design.

On the adjoining plot of a former villa stands a 2000 m² green yacht club building by the same architect, there are squash-rooms, pools, saunas, a fintess hall, dressing rooms, bar and rooms for the staff. The glass on the facade is coloured from the back (Emaolit), which gives the surface a kind of deepness.

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  • client: Lelle SPC, CIB Leasing
  • scale: the club: 2000 m²