Siemens Office Building – Budapest

At the time of commission the specialists of Siemens both in Budapest and Munich clearlyinformed the architects that the future building would have to broadcast the "Siemens-design and architecture." The most important requirements of Siemens both in the pastand at present: utility, clear transparency, simplicity.

The major area of co­operation was the installation. The complete installation plan of thefour­streets­bordered ex­phone factory site was completed, which consistently guides the future plans. Determinative were the the right angle network of the connecting streets andthe intented attention­calling still subdued appearance on the noisy and pollutied Hungaria Boulevard. The buildings pay a polite tribute to the adjacent Nyíri­-Lauber building by taking over (as the only siginificant element) its stone shell as their own. This gesture anchors the house highlighting that the architectural thought is valid only here.

This building was designed for the speed of cars. The relationship between the dual front walls always produces a different pictures like in the movies. The glass wall is authenticated by the environmental situation, enters into a dialogue with the wide road, forms a nice spacewall and serves well both as a silencer and an advertising medium. The curtain shutter always shows a different face. Far from subtle technical tricks, just a "lucky" coincidence, since the shutters are Siemens­ manufactured. A most traditional office layout istransformed into a singular building by a non­regular floor plan and the outstanding glass wall.

translation: Anna ILLÉS

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  • client: Siemens Rt.
  • scale: 3600 m2