Népliget Center - Budapest

Népliget Center office building consists of three fragmented building-parts, which enclose a green courtyard. It can be found on the Könyves Kálmán körút, near to the M5 highway. It was made in collaboration of two design studios: Építész Stúdió Ltd. and Hetedik Műterem Ltd. It was completed in 2009.

The development began in 2005, when Skanska Magyarország Ingatlan Kft. commissioned the design of an office complex. The resulting complex features three levels of underground parking, and three office buildings (34000m2 each) resulting in a total area of 50500m2.

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The architects wanted to create a remarkable, sculpture like building, which can become a landmark of its area resulting in further developments.The three parts have their own identity - with separate entrances - but the ensemble forms a coherent unit. This was achieved by the visual coordination of the facades and the line of the eaves. It is reinforced by the same dynamics of the walls and contours, which create a canyon-like protecting feeling inbetween the three buildings.

The building got Pro Architectura Prize in 2010,  leading architect Richárd HŐNICH got Ybl-prize in 2011.

Translation by András BOTOS


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