Science Park Office Building - Budapest

The building is at the Lágymányos part of Budapest, at the Buda side of Petőfi bridge; it follows the  line of the street, but towards the park it leaves the strict, ortogonal system, thus there is a special connection between the building and the park behind it. The green areas shot the parcel and create interesting situations: at the main entrance the park seems to be continuing inside the building.

The ensemble consists of two masses (built in two different stages) which can be devided into three wings each. The circulation core is at the intersection of the 3 wings, from where the workplaces can be reached throught birdges,  so there is a 8+1 storey high glassed space in these cores.

The facade of the building consists of immensly simple components, and the number of types is minimal as well. Due to that, while walking around the building many variations can be discovered, still it is a solid sight. For instance, Márton Szentpéteri sees an evidence of connection between music and architecture in these buildings. He compares the two basically equal masses rotated with 180 degrees, to beats of music, that are variations of each other.

translation: Enikő TÓTH

Awards (source):

  • 2002. Budapest Architecture Award of Excellence
  • 2003. Pro Architectura award
  • 2004. Hungarian Real Estate Award 1st prize
  • 2005. Casalgrande Padana Grand Prix 3rd prize
  • 2006. Pro Architectura Újbuda Award