Mindszenty Gymnasium - Esztergom

The gymnasium in Esztergom, designed by Tamás Karácsony and Péter Janesch, was built in 2002.

  • architects in charge: Tamás KARÁCSONY, Péter JANESCH - Karácsony Építész Iroda Kft.
  • cooperating architects: Péter KLOBUSOVSZKI, Márton KOVÁCS, Tibor SZALAI, Gábor ZOMBOR
  • year of design/construction: 1992-/2001-2002
  • photography: © Andrea HÄIDER

The surrounding complex of buildings – the Mindszenty József Catholic Elementary School and Church of Holy Anna - is almost 200 years old. The reconstruction and enlargement of  these buildings from various eras started in the first half of the 90’s, as wel as the search for new functions. Tamás Karácsony took the main role in the process, developing the concept for about 10 years. The first phase of the construction was the new gymnasium for the elementary school, it was opened in 2002. The rest of the planned new buildings parts (cafeteria, library, etc.) haven’t been built yet.

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The volume of the gymnasium has a kind of a relationship with the baroque church, but at the same time, it essentially is a contemporary building. On the weekdays the building is used as the gymnasium of the elementary school, but thanks to the wooden coverage of the interior, it is also used as a representative hall. Facilitating multifunctionity and fitting in, the building’s height is halfway sank under ground level. Because of this, the volume fits in discreetly, at the same time the interior has pleasing height and lightning. On the entrance level is a gallery which can be used for greeting guests of an event, and function as a grandstand or a gangway.

Summing up, the default spirit of this building is fitting in context, but at the same time it is a true contemporary architectural piece. Showing itself from outside, all the details referring to its inner system, evolving continuous touch with the spectator.

Translation: Borbála PAPP