Visitors' Centre and Restaurant – Pannonhalma

In 2006 an open architectural competition was organised in the aim of touristical development in the Pannonhalma Archabbey. As a result the Visitor Center and Restaurant has been built in 2010.

The Visitor Center, built in the vicinity of Pannonhalma Archabbey, next to „Mons Sacer”, Saint Hill, with its simple mass, airy transparent shape fits perfectly to the landscape. It does not tend to transmit symbolic architectural significations, neither ceremonial appearance, stet the central sacred position for the Abbey.

Before the contruction the surface of hill was covered by asphalt and used as a visitor parking station. The main target of the tender was a unified rehabilitation of Kosaras Hill setting it back to the landscape. The Center is situated opposite to the reception building designed by György Skardelli in 2003, extended like a long prism covered with glass on its both sides to have panoramic view. The building has two storeys, the lower floor can be found under the ground. It is sank to the mass of rebuilt hill, hiding the open parking lot and the left luggage office. The conference room also situated here, making the opportunity to be the location for several different ecclesiastic and seculiar events. Only the top, restaurant floor appears with its transparent glass surface as part of the landscape, it is supplemented with a 200 m2 terrace on hill.

The building appoints the route to the Abbey lengthwise, as a moderate sign for the visitors. The contemporary building suits to the monumental environment excellently, its moderate shape harmonize to the neighbouring buildings and landscape.

translation: Szabolcs SZILÁGYI

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