Infopark, Building E - Budapest

Building E is the last piece of the Lágymányos Computer Science Office Park. The designer is the same Kertész Architectural Studio that designed theMATÁV (today T-Com) Hall, which was built in 2001, the second building of Infopark, after theIBM building. Consequently, the architects got the exciting opportunity to desing a building next to the one they had built 10 years earlier. The completed building became a modern office building which suits all the regulations, and is for high standards.

According to the regulations the buildingis lower on Magyar Tudósok Boulevard, while from Gábor Dénes street a higher mass was built. The lower, three storey wing’s inside was designed by the interior designers of Szekér Designer Office, and they had to satisfy a known renter’s claims by the construction of interior spaces. In the higher, five storey mass, calculating with smaller renters, variable spaces were created,that can be used as one big space or smaller cells as well.

Looking at the facade, similarly to the surroundingbuildings, the most emphatic material is brick, completed with glass and metal components. The metal frame reaching over the streak-like windows gives the house an interesting vertical articulation. The roof structure appearing on top of the bigger wing is a pecuilarity, which hides exclusive offices and building engineering components. With Richárd Hőnich’s words: ”It is like a figure skater, who after the perfectly accomplished short program runs the free skate loosely, even though he gets a little less points. It is nice to look at it anyway.”

It is important to mention the environmetally soundbeing, due to which, the house won the LEED Silver qualification by U.S. Green Building Council, as first in Hungary. ”The building has a qualification of „A” energetic class, which means a30% less specific energy consume than what the current hungarian regulation allows, so building E loads the environment with 130 tons less carbon-dioxide” - as it can be read on Infopark’s website.

translation: Enikő TÓTH