Kindergarten, Sports and Events Hall - Szigetszentmiklós

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The Jenő ÁDÁM Multipurpose Center is situated in Szigetszentmiklós, which is one most increasingly developing agglomeration areas of Budapest, capital of Hungary. Ever since the centre has opened its doors in 2012, it has established a highly influential architectural and functional platform for the upcoming suburban area, planned to surround it in the future.The later realized plan by Barnabás WINKLER and Partners was ranked fourth at the open competition back in 2008.

During the first phase the sports hall and event centre has been opened to the public. The multiple function was the town’s specific request. According to this an architecturally and functionally versatile and complex building has been realized. The main area is 28x45 m, and it can be divided into three parts if the occasion requires it. The hall has a special sport floor, making it an appropriate place for the hosting of professional championships. A VIP guest room also makes part of the building, and though it is not quite big by itself, with the attached commuting ways it can be used as a unique place for special event.

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As a second phase of the project a kindergarten has been realized. In its materials the building follows the sports hall as both operates with brick cladding facades. The six group rooms and their additional functions are installed into three masses attached to each other. The inner spaces are capacious and quite enlightened thanks to the sheds and the huge south east openings of the building. As a result of the system of the floor plans wider areas are created within the inner axis and the garden, which functions as a dressing room. At the end of the mass there is a parental area, where children can wait for their parents after hours.

The town is planning the realization of an elementary school and music school at the site, and though they have already been situated, the construction hasn’t started yet.

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  • Built by: Pascal Steens CFE Hungary Kft.
  • Area: 14000 m2