Holy Family Catholic Community Building - Hernád

The shape and the positioning of the small community building follows the tradition of the old village-house from the Hungarian Plain; though the slight change in the angle of the roof and the detailing makes it ook like a public building.

  • architects: Mihály BALÁZS, Balázs TATÁR
  • year of design/construction: 2008/ 2009- 2010
  • photo: © Tamás BUJNOVSZKY

The original idea was to place the building perpendicular to the street, but the church was able to buy the neighbouring plot, so a new positioning was advised – thus a big front-garden was created, that will give place to a new belfry as well.

The functional program was not at all complicated, but it was a big challenge to make it sustainable. The big hall is only heated when ther is an event in it, the smal kichenette and the service-rooms are normally heated.

The appeareance of the building shows a transition between anonymous and professional architecture. It has a sand-coloured plaster on three sides (a reference to the region). The south-eastern elevation has a barn-like structure made of acacia: a cheap but often used material of the anonymous architecture.

translation: Bálint MAROSI

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  • client: Miklós BEER, bishop of Vác