PPKE Faculty of Information Technology - Budapest

The second phase of the PPKE Faculty of Information Technology was opened in december 2004. The closed mass is a real strong architectural statement in itself, a composition that was created with a radical, but clear approach.

  • leading architect: Mihály BALÁZS
    architectsTamás TARNÓCZKY, Katalin SOMOGYI SOMA
    cooperating architects: Balázs TATÁR, Dávid TÖRÖK
    interior design: György FRANK
  • a tervezés/építés éve: 2002/2002-2004

The architect was influenced by the very diverse, inordinate qualities of the surrounding: his building now keeps distance from its neighbours, nevertheless not at all senseless about the architecture of this area. So the building of the university creates an introverted world, without starting a conversation with the surrounding.

This gesture of defence can be understood from the function as well: the faculty is the center of Information Technology, where the education takes place in computer laboratories – this way the protection from noise, sunlight is inevitable.


  • client: Esztergom-Budapesti Főegyházmegyei Hivatal Érsekség
  • area: 9500 m2