Artists' Colony - Szentendre

The artists' colony exists in Szentendre since 1928, designed by Ferenc Török, Kossuth Prize winning architect in 1963. Renovation and expansion was completed in 2008, based on the plans of Antal Puhl’s architect office. Modernization or expansion was due to all element of the site, still the new work is ready to keep the calm closed stable atmosphere provided by the old ensemble, an ideal environment for artists to create.

Accordingly, the new buildings were placed to fit in the existing structure and to leave the natural values of the site undisturbed. The only items demolished were the caretaker's apartment and the gallery building, however by relocating them the inside transport of the site could be rationalized. A green roof covered open stage is built,half sunk into the ground, to provide site for the events of the colony. As part of the expansion new studios were built based on the old ones; their design is only modified minimally so that the old ones can be modernized according to them later.

The new building of the gallery issituated on the street front making them accessible directly from the street. The rhythm of the articulated mass follows the structure of the neighboring buildings. The natural park of the site is revealed from the glazed corridors, connecting wings of the building. The new elements, made during the renovation, are working together with the existing ones. The hiding behavior of the old colony remains valid, but they are ready to represent the colony by their appearance on the street front. A list of names on the perimeter wall commemorates those who built the reputation of the colony.

translation: Brigitta DELI

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