Health Centre – Balatonalmádi

The Health Center in Balatonalmádi, inaugurated in 2011, unites the different medical services that were provided unsufficient services apart from each other into a regional health center.

The building is at the end of Petőfi Sándor street closing the row of flat roofed apartment houses. These hanging corridor houses located perpendicular to the street determined the location of the health center. The house follows the striped installation form , however with its public land system it gently joints the residential area with the huge green zone of the park

The architectural concept is easily readable, the functions assigns to stripes as architecturally separated zones. The established functions got places in three larger units. The smaller bars with the transport and waiting-room functions fit into the main functionality parallel block’s system. Each prism has the same width however the lengths are different. The three strikes play actually as two blocks, which are linked with bridges on different storeys. The biggest, overlooking to the park contains the family doctors and the specialists clinics. In the middle one the duty, offices, training rooms and the service rooms can be found. In the third one the pediatrician and some more clinics is located.

All three units have their own entrance in order to function undisturbed. The main facade covers the main mass of of the surgeries. Arriving to the building a huge plastered surface welcomes, interspersed with billowy roofs and terraces. The public building aspect comes mainly from the linking slight glass bridges and from the athrium covered by domestic red stone and the facade surfaced with concrete bricks. These are strengthed by the inner corridors huge windows, which create direct connection between the courtyard, the street and the inner building. Inside the building between the different architectures (different materials and structures in a row) radical scale change can be realized.

translation: Szabolcs SZILÁGYI