Fehér Ignác Elementary School - Algyő

The village of Algyő is by the river Tisza, a few kilometers from Szeged. It is one of the wealthier villages in the country, there is big industrial park and also the MOL park in its lathe. In 2009 there became a possibility to unite the three existent schools in a new one. The town announced a competition, that Pécsterv Stúdió Kft (Csilla Bokor, András Köves, István Lukáts, László Rádóczy) won (after a previous, unsuccesful competition to a different site).

The designing territory is at the west border of town. It is surrounded by dwelling-houses from three sides, and a sport centre. Close to this terrotiry goes the road 47 that leads to Szeged. The locationdefines a new centre that is on the axis of the existant public buildings.

The northern part of the desingning territory is a parkland, functioning as a public space maintained by the school and the town together. At the southern part there is the new, inturned school buildings including sport fields, playgrounds, stoned yards, and a reading park too, which belongs to the library.

The important public spaces were placed between thetwo parkland so they can communicate with the open spaces. The 16 classrooms in the school are in four floors, 4-4 on each floor. Every group ( 4 classes, separated by age) has an outside and inside „buzzing space”. The school also has technical classrooms and a sportshall. The whole school complexum is divided into parts: classroom wings and gym is almost an individual volume. With this smaller scale wants the school to adjust to its surroundings.

"This school is an ecoschool on a national scale. Beyond the pedagogic programme, the operation, the choice of materials and behaviour want to satisfy the expectations. As an effort to reduce operational expenses, and to be environmental friendly the heating works with renewed energy source (thermal heat). During the design of the space-relations, and the installation of the building it was an important aspect to have a close relationship with the surroundings (nature and society) , transparency, openness, common use of spaces insideand outside,to have a separate ground for every age group, studypark, fruit tree and fishpond. Characteristics of material use is natural materials, strong, full colors." (Pécsépterv, építészfórum.hu, 2011.10.21.)

translation: Noémi SZIKSZAI

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