Swimming Pool and Sports Hall - Budaörs

Being a strong, constantly growing town, several significant architectural competitions had been made the past few years in Budaörs - as a result of these the new town hall (Zsuffa-Kalmár) and a primary school  (János Dobai) was built.

This new swimming pool complex is also a result of a national competition - we have already seen examples of rationally generous swimming pool and sports hall buildings by the Építész Stúdió: expansion of the sports pool in the Margit Island (2004), and the multifunctional sports hall in Szombathely (2002).

  • architects in charge: Ferenc KELLER, Tamás FIALOVSZKY, Gábor SAJTOS - Építész Stúdió Ltd.
    architect: Barnabás LÁRIS
    collaborating architects: Eszter DÖRNYEI, Tibor SZABÓ, Zsolt SZENDREI,  István SZLOVICSÁK
  • year of design/construction: 2005/2007-10
  • photography: Máté TÓTH, © Tamás BUJNOVSZKY

The design plot is between a residential area, an industrial park and a highway. The goal here was not to create a sculptural object but to respond adequately to this specific border-situation, to create some kind of connection, also: to be the part of the park area and to create a transparent inner space.

The disposition of the building is logically articulated and transparent. A variety of services (restaurant/pool/spa area) can work independently from each other, but there is a visual relationship between them. The foyer gives a visual transparency, the upper part provides physical connection between the inside and outside.

translated by Ildikó BOHOLY

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