Infopark Building C – Budapest

Infopark is the innovation and technology park situated in the 11th district of Budapest. This innovation centre was created for IT, telecommunication and software development companies in 1998. The Infopark's clinker brick buildings with unified design, arranged in a campus style layout, are situated in a high standard, landscaped environment with first class office spaces and up-to-date services.

The final design was drawn in spring of 2003. Following the strict ordinances for the contour of installation the shape of the building became an irregular rectangle with 3 blocks, and a courtyard in it.

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Instead of using the conventional ribbon windows a strucure with vertical pilasters were composed for the facades. It is well known from theCity Hall of Murcia from the architect Raphael Moneo. Despite of the deconstructive look of the composition that reminds us to barcodes, the facades of C-Building are carefully planned using a module of 1,35 meters. The minimal width of an office is 2 modules, 2,70 meters. In each storey, 10-module-long part of the ’barcode facade’ is repeated continuosly, but on every even storey it is slided with 5 modules, so the overall picture looks unplanned.

The pretty composition of concrete grid on the narrower elevation became the trademark of the building. Between the facades with concrete grid and clinker brick there are vertical slits covered by glass containing elevators and 6-storey-high airspace.

Each block has an own entrance, but the main gate (with reception, café, and auditorium) leads us to the new park in the center of Infopark.The most popular parts rented are the offices on the roof level, from where the sightseeing is stunning.

Translation: Gergely PATAK

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  • 2005 Pro Architectura Award of Budapest 11th district
  • 2005 The office property development of the year (’CIJ’ real estate magazine)
  • 2005 The office property development of the year (’Ingatlan és Befektetés’ magazine)