Lutheran Church - Sopronnémeti

Thanks to the effort of the Lutheran congregation of Sopronnémeti, after more than 100 years of standing by itself, the belfry was completed with a church in 1997.

  • architect: Tamás NAGY
  • year of design/contruction: 1993 /1997
  • Photography: © Tamás NAGY, © Abigél RIESZ

The elliptical-shaped, haystack-like interior of the church can be reached through the existing belfry. The composition is based on the contrast of the old tower and the new church. This is a contrast of age, shapes, materials, facades and the experience of the interior. The strongest experience is at the meeting-point of the verticality of the rectangular tower and the more horizontal oval church. From a distance the sight of the brick facade and the tile is blurred, which enhances the homogeneous feel of the volume.

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The connecting wings incorporate the duality of the inner space of the church (linearity-centrality); their elevetions continue the ellipse tangentially, so – unlike the interior – the volume becomes continous. A nice point of the building is the porch that connects the tower and the church, speaking about the natural simplicity of Lutheran religion.

Translation: Ágnes Anna TÓTH

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  • Built by: Lutheran congregation of Sopronnémeti
  • Total floor area: 200 m2