Csergezán viewing tower - Mountain Nagy-Kopasz

The look-out tower of Nagy Kopasz-hegy is located in the Budai mountains, between Budakeszi, Telki and Nagykovácsi, far from anything human made. The tower is barely visible from the roads nearby, its wood structure is well hidden in the forest. It is only accessible from hiking trails, but it appears to the hikers when they are really close.

  • architects: Péter BASA - Fernezelyi Basa Építésziroda
    co-operating sculptor: Péter CZÉR
  • static architect: Péter JORDÁN
  • year of design/construction: 2004/2004-2005
  • photo:

The ground level, where the entrance and the resting-place can be found, is made of concrete. The structures above are made of larch – except the steel connector elements. Going upwards, the structure is covered with lath, intimately hiding the view of the forest. Every floor has a resting bench. On the top floor the lath disappears and the spectacular outlook finally gets visible to the tourists.

As the location lacks any infrastructure and it was impossible to use machine for the construction, the heavy larch beams were moved to place and then connected by hand.

translation: Nóra PALLAY




  • client:  József KESZLÉRI, Pilis Parkerdő Zrt.
  • area: 315 m2