Adeptus Office Building – Miskolc

Simplicity in architecture means several affairs: little financial investment, obvious or evident tools, naturalness, artlessness, peace. Adeptus Office Building is a great example of that simplicity created by Béla PAZÁR. The house also represents the 1990s brick architecture.

  • architects: Béla PAZÁR, György POLÁK  -  MNDP Ltd.
  • year of design/construction: 1995-2000/1998-2000
  • photography: György POLYÁK

The client – the leader of a constructional company– needed a timeless headquarters. The house itself actually doesn’t show any sign of tool connecting to any era, it is really timeless. Its descriptive parts are a three-storey house form with gable roof, brick facades, strictly planned openings and symmetry. The effect of this peculiar timelessness grows with the help of the ivy slowly covering the walls, with the natural aspect ratio of windows placed alternatively in each storey, and with the floor-to-ceiling doors. The volume is dissolved by the roof terrace (covered by lighter material, wood), but its strength remains the same.

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Simplicity however is not the same as poor standards. The house has a precise internal order consequently designed to the last detail. This is a significant chalange for the architect in this disordered strange environment, where two worlds meet, the gray drear, upregulated blocks of flats called ’Vologda’ and the colorful, rich form of detached houses climbing up to the hills.

The disposition of spaces based on an age-old, simple formula, two-storey, atrium with four columns, lit from above trough a skylight. The well-prepared cast in-situ reinforced-concrete constructions create a heavy internal character also timelessness, even though the wraparound offices are covered with easily removable drywalls. As we examine the columns, it is clear, that the house is free of any aesthetic forming. Reinforced abacus is so naturally used, because of its benefitial structure, which architectural form is avoided nowadays elsewhere. The luminaires shows functionality, withindustrial and heavy character also underlining the timelessness of architecture.

Translation: Gergely PATAK