Schaár Erzsébet Museum - Pécs

schaar utca 01

The postmodern building called "Museum street" - architect: István Janáky - houses the last work of Erzsébet Schaár (1908-1975) in 1991.

  • architect: Jr. István JANÁKY, László MEDITZ
  • year of design/construction: 1985/1986-90
  • photography: © Attila RÖDER, © József HAJDÚ 

This reconstructed composition was exhibited originally in Luzern (1975). "The Street" includes e.g. busts of famous Hungarian artists (Lőrinc Szabó, Irma Patkós) and environment units (Mirror-room, Chairs), which were exhibited separately earlier.

The architects subjected the building to the complicated plasticity-architecture system and symbolism of the art piece; the simple inner space with its pitched roof serves this purpose in its completeness. The timeless building complies modestly with the historic buildings of Káptalan Street, but its diverse materials and its certain details reveal its time of origin and the influence of postmodern architecture.

text/translation: Ágnes PÉNTEK



  • client: Directory of the museums of Baranya County
  • homepage of the work (en): "The Street"
  • area: 401 m2