Kisboldogasszony Roman Catholic Church - Szászberek

Szászberek is a small village, lies 15 kilometers from Szolnok; the new church lies in the northern part, not far from a castle. The chapel standing here earlier was destroyed in World War II., and was replaced by a temporary structure, after which finally the new church was erected, financed by the offerings of the locals.

  • architecs: Gereben Gábor, Gereben Péter - Gereben & Co. Architects;
  • ayear of design/construction: 2000-2002/2002-2003.
  • photography: Lelkes László

The tools used by the architects were simple, the building is a modern, small chapel. The shape of the building is asymmetric, the walls are made of Sóskút sandstone. The timber roof composition rises above the edges of walls, so the light flows freely into the interior.

The altar is at a low dais, outside of this is the baptismal, and internal against point of this stands the pulpit. The altar picture is from the destroyed chapel, made by the well-known painter Pál Molnár C.. In addition to the entrance of the building is the receptacle of the gutter. The effluent ends in a sculpture. The angel-headed bronze fish Krisztina Stromfai sculptor’s creation.

“With its clearly structured volume and simple layout, the building underlines the sublime texture of the rustically set sandstone wall in the interior and exterior alike. (...) This heavy, clear coolness and glow, exuded by the undivided wall surface awakens a feeling of deep faith and reverence, which can only be witnessed in pre-gothic, roman style churches and in the Holy Land.” (József Martinkó)

translation: Bernadett VÁGNER